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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
A short while ago, in a galaxy we all know; It was December 8th 1978, in a quiet corner of South-East Asia. A clandestine group of cold war scientists had spent 30 long years developing the ultimate human. They hoped that this super being would lead the world into a new age of humanity. Unfortunately their laboratories were invaded by fundamentalist Orangutans lead by the Marxist `Utan-Khan", the result was a corruption of the genetic make up of the experiment. No longer meant to lead Humans the super being was now under direct mind control of the Orangutans. For the first three years the child was kept in close confinement deep in the Borneo jungle, however the camp was attacked by a lost platoon of Japanese WWII samurais who stole the child to use for their own goals; namely the overthrow of Imperial Europeans in the Indo-china. They unleashed the child on the unsuspecting citizens of the Malay town of Miri. After destroying the contents of the main toy shop the Samurai realised that this super human wasn’t that super. They left the child with a tag around his neck on the doorstep of the UN buildings in New York where the International Security Council decided to place the child in hiding on small Scottish Islands. For many years the child stayed undercover in the protection of a fictitious family made up of former MI6 and CIA agents. But now that child is a man, and that man is on the mainland, that man is ....

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crystal meths., far too many to mention, i don't watch much tv. films are far better., lots of the good stuff., semaphore
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